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May 1, 2018

2 Easy Hacks To Getting 10 New Dental Patients This Month

Do you need a quick way to get new patients in the door without spending additional dollars on advertising? Check out these 3 easy dental marketing hacks.

2 Easy Hacks To Getting 10 New Dental Patients This Month

Dentistry is more competitive today than it's ever been.

Dental Economics cited since 2007, competition and production has decreased in the majority of dental practices.

It's safe to say dentists have to be more creative, and more effective, in marketing their practice and standing out from the competition.

Luckily, we've got 3 easy hacks you can start today that will add an additional 10+ new patients to your practice.



Listen, people love a good deal. But that doesn't mean you have to give away the farm with one of those crazy discounted Groupon offers that include an exam, x-ray, whitening, implant, and backrub (if you're into that) for $5...


No. Instead try this really easy tactic… Have people check-in on Facebook and enter them into a drawing for a free gift card for doing so.

Think about it.

What do most patients do while they’re in your waiting room? Go ahead, look, I’ll wait.

You probably noticed they are on their phone, most likely scrolling through their social media feeds.

Why not have them check-in on Facebook while they are already scrolling through their timeline?

2 Easy Hacks To Getting 10 New Dental Patients This Month
This is how easy it is to check-in on Facebook.

This does a few things for you:

- Increases the visibility of your practice because it’s reaching a large majority of their friend’s list.

- Begins a conversation on their Facebook feed with the question’s from their friends like, “Is that a good dentist to go to?” “I’ve been looking for a new dentist.”

- This also rewards the patient because for every person you have check-in on Facebook, enter them into a weekly drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card (or Starbucks, Target, etc.)

Our dentists usually get 5-10 new patients per month just from implementing this simple strategy. If your front desk asks every patient to do this and does this every day, you’re going to see new patients at no cost to you.

2. Monthly Emails That Don’t Suck

Everybody is doing social media these days, but what about email?

Why is it forgotten?

Because email isn’t as sexy right now to dental marketing agencies but let me tell you email can easily generate 10-20 revisits every single month.

If you want to see how important email marketing is to your dental practice, then there are tons of articles out there.

Let me break this down for you.

First, nobody cares about your practice being ranked number 1 by your community for this or that, and they really don’t want to see it in their inbox.

However, your patients love dental tips that can keep their teeth in great shape and that are easy to understand.

Here’s a recent email we sent for a dentist that had his phone ringing with new appointments. It went something like this (Actually, it went exactly like this.)

3 ways to make your child more comfortable at the dentist.

In that email, we discuss how you should talk to your child about the dentist, what they will do, and why it’s so important.

This email received several praises from families and they took real value from it.

Email is your friend – use it.

Of course, if you're ready to scale your practice to the level you've always dreamed of, contact our Crimson Media team today.