March 20, 2020

Crimson Media Coronavirus Dental Practice Survival Guide

Your practice can still thrive through the hardest of times. Check out our survival guide to keep your dental practice on top.
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There’s no denying that we are all facing a pressing and difficult time. Businesses everywhere are experiencing hardship, with the dental industry among those feeling the hardest hit.

Still, in the face of difficulty we are met with a rare opportunity. 

According to the ADA, dentists should be postponing elective dental surgeries.

Now, more than ever, you as a dental practice have the ability to connect, support, and educate your patients. You have the ability to pivot in a way that makes you the very first call your patients make when this crisis has come to an end

It all depends on how you navigate the next coming weeks. We at Crimson Media are here to help you by providing you with the tools and information to continue to grow your practice even in the wake of the Coronavirus.

Here are our personal recommendations on what you do (and don’t) want to do during this time:

Do: Build Positive Connections  

The fact remains you have a business to continue, employees to care for and food to put on the table. Not only that, patients rely on your expertise, and this is a perfect time to share updates, keep in regular communication, and also share stories about supporting others in your community.

We suggest creating a post on your practice’s Facebook page asking those in the community to promote some of their favorite small businesses in the area. This creates a support network and embeds your practice in the community as a business that cares. These posts will create positive exposure and allow for future partnerships with other businesses in the community.

Brainstorm new offerings and packages that will give you a head start when your doors reopen. 

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Do: Over Communicate

While you may not feel that it’s the time to reach out, your patients are just as hungry for connection and communication as you are. 

They want to know which businesses are still open, for how long, and what happens next.

Be sure to be compassionate, specific and intentional when writing to your patients.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Educate

You have a captive audience...literally. Now is a great time to educate your patients. 

What do you want them to know about oral care? How can they stay on top of their hygiene while on lock down? What signs and symptoms should they be aware of? What constitutes an emergency?

You can even host a live Q&A session on Facebook or run a Facebook ad to make the sharing experience more personal. It's never been more affordable to run an ad and even a modest budget will keep you in front of your audience.

If you don’t have any content of your own, feel free to share from reliable sources. All of these efforts mark you as an authority in the industry and keeps you in the forefront of patients minds.

Do: Ask for Help

When in doubt, ask for help. Now is the ideal time to focus on your dental marketing efforts, rework your website, analyze your content and come back stronger than ever.

We at Crimson media are here to help with all of your marketing needs so your patient list can continue to grow, even when your doors are closed. 

Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you during this pivotal time.