How We Generated 19 Dental Emergency Calls in 3 Days

Monday, March 30, 2020

How to attract more dental emergency patients with proof

With dental offices closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the world, there are still a number of people who will need a dentist during this time.

Dental Emergencies do not stop.

This article will explain how our team at Crimson Media generated 19 Dental Emergency phone calls in 3 days for one of our clients, and how you can do the same.

NOTE: We do not encourage dentists to see emergencies if they don't have the proper PPE or if the dentist determines the patient is not having a true dental emergency. Now, let's begin this case study.

Google Keyword Targeting

When running a dental emergency Google Ads campaign, you want to ensure you are only target keywords that are relevant to dental emergencies. In addition, you want to eliminate any negative keywords that mention dental emergency, but aren't actually relevant to the campaign. Here's an example of a negative keyword you want to eliminate and ensure your ad doesn't show for: "what is a dental emergency.?"

Instead, you want to target terms such as"

"Dental Emergency"

"Emergency Dentist near me"

"Emergency dentist"

"emergency dental"


It's very important your keywords are relevant to your campaign because you will significantly reduce your cost per conversion, and in most cases, you pay a premium on dental emergency keywords. The most common mistake we see dental practices make is trying to target all dental terms, even when they are specifically wanting to attract emergency patients.

If you try to cast a wide blanket over several types of keywords then you'll lower the probability of your ads actually being shown.

The BIg Take Away: Ensure you are targeting only Emergency Dental keywords to boost your visibility.

Here are the conversions for one of our client's Emergency Dental Campaigns in only 3 days

Use Custom Landing Pages for Emergency Dental Campaigns

You should never send paid traffic to your dental website's homepage. Read that again.


Think about this for a moment.

If you are searching for an emergency dentist, you click on a Google Ad, and you land on a dental homepage that talks about all of the services they include... What would your thoughts be?

Confused? Probably.

The data shows most people will then assume they mistakenly clicked on your website and will exit and search again.

You must be sending traffic to a specific page built only around your dental emergency service.

Here at Crimson Media, we use a custom landing page builder called Instapage.

Why is this so important? Well, we are able to create landing pages just for the dental emergency campaign we are running; therefore, when someone clicks on an ad that says "Emergency Dentist," they will be taken to a page that only references emergency dentistry.

There will be only 1 clear call to action: Call Now.

Can you see how this increases conversions?

Someone only has the option to call the practice. They also don't have the distractions of seeing all of your other services on the page which creates a barrier and distraction.

We use CallRail to track all of the phone calls that came through the ad which allows us to measure the conversions in an in-depth way. As always, you can Contact Us at Crimson Media if you'd like for us to handle all of the hard work for you so you only have to treat the patients.

The Big Take Away: Send all paid traffic to a custom landing page to increase conversions.

Track Everything

What gets measured gets done. If you're not measuring and tracking the success of your campaign then you're essentially spending money blindly. If you have a form submission option on your landing page, then you need to have Google's Conversion Code installed on your landing pages. If you're measuring phone calls (which you always should be), then you should have the proper call tracking setup.

For help, contact our dental marketing team and we will provide a FREE marketing analysis for your practice.