May 6, 2024

Creating A Standout Brand For Your Startup Dental Practice | A Podcast Series Ep. 05


In this episode of The Dental Practice Launch Podcast, Dr. Dan Dinowitz and his wife Michelle discuss the process of branding their startup pediatric dental practice with Crimson Media. They share their journey of choosing a brand name and logo, and how they arrived at the theme of paper planes and travel. They also discuss the importance of involving their target demographic, including children and parents, in the branding process. The logo design process is explored, including the significance of font choice. Overall, the branding of the practice is seen as a reflection of their values and the experience they want to create for their patients. 


  • Involving your target demographic in the branding process can help create a more relatable and engaging brand.
  • Choosing a brand name and logo that reflects your values and the experience you want to create for your customers is crucial.
  • Consider the overall aesthetic and theme of your brand, ensuring it appeals to a wide range of ages and demographics.
  • Font choice can play a significant role in conveying the desired tone and aesthetic of your brand. The logo should represent the values and personality of the practice.
  • A mural can create a unique and welcoming atmosphere for patients.
  • Building buzz in the community is important for a startup practice.
  • Branding should be fun and exciting, and should reflect the practice's unique identity.
  • Seeing the brand come to life through merchandise and marketing materials is a rewarding experience.
  • Looking forward to the next steps in the practice's journey is both exciting and challenging.

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