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July 1, 2024

Five important lessons learned when starting a dental practice | A Podcast Series Ep. 08


In this episode, Dr. Dan Dinowitz and Shane Simmons discuss valuable lessons learned from Dr. Dinowitz’s experience of starting a dental practice. The conversation covers topics such as marketing, team building, time management, and the importance of seeking expert advice. Dr. Dinowitz also discusses the challenges of balancing the startup process with personal life events and the significance of having a strong support system. The episode concludes with a preview of the upcoming grand opening and a media day at the practice.


  • Start marketing early and be consistent in your approach.
  • Hire a great team early and continue recruiting to build a strong and collaborative work environment.
  • Balancing multiple life events while building a practice is challenging but doable with the right support system.
  • Take time away from your current job to focus on the startup, especially for administrative purposes.
  • Seek expert advice and consultants to guide you through the startup process and marketing strategies.

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