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June 23, 2023

How Adding these Services can Boost Profitability in your Dental Practice | Ep. 45


Boost Your Dental Practice Profitability with Liz Lord

Episode Description: Welcome to The Dental Practice Launch Podcast presented by Crimson Media Dental Marketing, where we uncover the strategies and insights that help dental professionals take their practices to new heights. In this episode, your host Shane Simmons sits down with Liz Lord, a distinguished coach and consultant in the dental industry, to discuss the power of adding additional services to your dental practice and how it can significantly enhance profitability.

As a dental practitioner, you're constantly seeking innovative ways to grow your practice and provide exceptional care to your patients. Liz Lord brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, having helped numerous dentists transform their practices into thriving and profitable enterprises. With her expertise in practice management and business development, Liz offers practical advice and proven strategies to expand your service offerings and unlock new revenue streams.

To learn more about Liz Lord Coaching & Consulting, follow her on Facebook at

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