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June 16, 2023

Money Management Tips for Dentists | Ep. 44


Smart Money Management for Dentists with Justin Brammer

In this episode of The Dental Practice Launch Podcast, our host, Shane Simmons, sits down with Justin Brammer of INVST, a renowned financial advisor specializing in guiding dentists towards smart money management and long-term wealth growth.

As a dentist, you've dedicated years to perfecting your craft and providing exceptional care to your patients. However, navigating the world of personal finance and investment strategies may seem overwhelming. That's where Justin Brammer comes in. With his extensive experience in assisting dental professionals, Justin brings invaluable insights and tailored advice to help dentists make the most of their hard-earned income.

Join us as we delve into the key principles of money management specifically curated for dentists. Justin shares a wealth of knowledge on topics such as debt management, tax optimization, and strategic investment decisions. He breaks down complex financial concepts into easily understandable language, empowering dentists to take control of their financial future.

Learn more about INVST and reach out to Justin here:

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